Leierskap 2.0

Susan Lang skryf oor die verskil tussen Web 1.0, wat statiese inhoud produseer en Web 2.0, wat gesprek en verhoudings fasiliteer. Sy bring dit dan in verband met leierskap in die kerk en sê van 2.0 leiers:

  • is all about developing and nurturing relationships,
  • lead with questions, not answers.
  • Invite collaboration.
  • Practice discernment

Sy som die verskil tussen Leierskap 1.0 en Leierskap 2.0 só op:

Leadership 1.0 grew out of Christendom and the movement through the Industrial Age. It has these characteristics:

  • Organizational—Think hierarchical organization flow-charts. A strong emphasis was placed on putting the correct structure in place.
  • Centralized—Mainline denominations were generally the central holders of resources and information, which they dispersed from a given location.
  • Authority-based—Established authorities and expertise provided the answers to questions.
  • Agenda-driven—Ministry grew out of a set agenda and often used a “command and control” model.

Leadership 2.0 is growing out of the post-Christendom and the Internet age. Note that the shape of relational, networked leadership is still emerging and will be very contextual. Leadership 2.0 is:

  • Relational—The focus is on developing and nurturing relationships and links.

  • Decentralized—Resources are distributed throughout a networked congregation and ministry. Each person is recognized as a connector to his or her own resources and networks.

  • Collaborative—Collaboration builds on conversations and recognizes that we are all teachers, we are all learners, and we are always stronger together than we are alone.

  • Focused on emergence—Recognizes that discernment is important for leaders, because God’s presence and action among us emerge and often change over time.

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